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Introducing Ourselves

We are individuals of all ages and backgrounds who regularly attend classes at more than 8,500 centres of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University located in 110 countries.

We study spiritual knowledge that nurtures respect for all faith traditions, coherently explains the nature of soul, God, time, and karma, and delineates an enlightened lifestyle.

We practise and teach a form of meditation that relaxes the mind and nurtures a healthy balance between our inner and outer worlds. Through numerous social service activities and partnerships, we promote spiritual understanding, leadership with integrity and elevated actions towards a better world.

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Why Women Believe in God

The book takes the form of a discussion between two lively,outspoken women with very different viewpoints and life experiences. We ask an important question, ...

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Understanding the Brahma Kumaris

This deeply researched and sympathetically written book is the ninth in a series called Understanding Faith, published by Dunedin Academic Press, of Edinburgh ...

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The 7 Myths About LOVE...Actually!

Millions obsess over it. Thousands have died for it. We all seek it. Few will find it. Even fewer will live it. It is LOVE. It seems we are compulsively ...

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Being in the Now

Dadi Janki, Administrative Head, Brahma Kumaris These days people feel they don’t have enough time. This causes a lot of stress and unease. ...

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Dealing with Conflict

Manda Patel We live in a world where conflict is now the norm. Why is that? I think that we’ve lost our inner strength and the ability to exercise what ...

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What Makes You You?

The things by which we generally define ourselves – appearance, personality, abilities, work, relationships, etc – can all change. Our sense of ...


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The Call of Our Time

By Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki

Quality thoughts

Dear friends, Om shanti. It is the quality of our thoughts that affects the quality of our relationships, ...

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Twin brothers Nirvesh & Nirvan

Rejuvenating power of silence Nirvesh: I was recently hired as a news reporter for a local television station. The job position I had of being a News Reporter was quite demanding ...

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