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Vegetarian Lifestyle

In the process of respecting and caring for our bodies, the diet should have a special place. A vegetarian diet is especially beneficial in order to increase clarity, concentration and the subtle planning that is demanded for a spiritual evolution.
Many of us raised with the myth of proteins, fear becoming weak if we don’t eat some fish, meat or chicken. But this myth we can start by discrediting it if we imagine an elephant eating leaves and branches. As a matter of fact, some of the strongest animals of the world are strict vegetarians. When a person finds out than within him his spiritual nature is awakening, he starts experiencing many changes. One of them is the development of a sensitivity through which the relationship between his body and his soul takes a new meaning and importance. The inner vision of the soul reveals aspects to him that he did not know or felt before. His subtle energies become more tangible and that person clearly finds out if what his body had ingested was really healthy.

Why follow a vegetarian diet?

  • The Principle of Non-Violence
  • You Are What You Eat
  • A Balanced Diet
  • Environmental Reason

Importance of the preparation of food

To prepare food with cleanliness and in a peaceful and calm stage means to fill the food with spiritual and peaceful vibrations.

Good Eating Habits

The food digested in an accurate stage acts as medicine. Laziness ends. One becomes more active and alert. The body and mind benefits from a complete nutrition, when we create good habits when eating.

Balanced Diet

A lacto vegetarian diet provides us with the needed nutrients to remain energetic, healthy and in this way we can feel filled with enthusiasm and vitality. This nutrition helps to elevate our spirit and health.

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