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Regular Activities

Meditation Course

Meditation Course

This course enables you to create new positive attitudes and responses to life by deepening your understanding of innate values and universal spiritual principles. The eight session course presents a method of meditating along with guided meditation practice and the introduction of fundamental spiritual principles that provide material for deepening one’s understanding of life.

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Positive Thinking Course

If you are not sure that you’re ready for meditation but would like to understand your mind better, gain greater clarity and learn how to manage your thoughts, the Positive Thinking Course is for you.

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Stress Free Living Seminars

Stress getting to you? Everyone experiences difficult periods in their lives when deadlines, family worries, financial pressures and or turbulent relationships take their toll on our sense of mental and physical well–being. Calm down and learn to relax through a Stress Free Living Seminar.

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Overcoming Anger

Anger is an expression of inner pain; an indication that all is not well in our world. It is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions. How can we change the anger within and use our energy in more positive ways?

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Thursday night Insight

Enjoy an evening of meditation, discussion and multimedia that explores questions of spirituality in everyday life, such as: What is my highest potential? How can I tap into inner strengths and change habits? Where can I find a reliable source of stability? Each month has a new theme.


World Meditation Hour

Are you concerned about the world? Your thoughts count! At Brahma Kumaris centers around the world, the third Sunday of each month is observed as World Meditation Day. You are invited to join us for an hour of meditation from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, reflection and guided imagery to send peaceful vibrations around the world and make it a better place. For both experienced meditators and beginners.

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