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About the Brahma Kumaris in Zambia

Zambia was the first country of Africa to invite the Brahma Kumaris to offer its services on this continent. From those humble beginnings in Lusaka in 1974, the organization’s charitable work has spread in all directions and now covers almost all of Africa. Brahma Kumaris headquarters for Africa are located in Kenya.Since those early days, Zambians of all walks of life have benefitted from Brahma Kumaris programs. Many have then carried their personal experiences and wisdom, not only to other African countries, but throughout the world.

The Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide spiritual family offering free courses in an easy but profound method of meditation known as Raja Yoga. It is a simple meditation that anyone can understand and practice. It enables a positive attitude towards life and increases inner strength through the development of moral values essential for self-progress.

A comment that often comes from people upon completing their course of meditation is, “I wish I’d known about this earlier!” The benefits most frequently mentioned as a result of learning to meditate are the strength to become free from damaging habits and the ability to experience a peaceful, calm life. The Brahma Kumaris live by the maxim, “When I change the world changes”.

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